"Wellspring" Congregation

"Behold God is my salvation.  I will trust and not be afraid

For YAH, the LORD is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation.

With joy you will draw water  from the wells of salvation"

                          Isaiah 12:3

House of prayer

"For my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.

The LORD GOD who gathers the outcasts of ISRAEL says:

Yet I will gather to Him others beside those who are gathered"

 Isaiah 56:7


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Praying for the fullfilment of Esaiah 19: " Egypt my people, Assyria the work of my hand and Israel my heritage ." 

    “所以,你们必从救恩的  泉源欢然取水。”  “哈玛雅”聚会——“泉源”聚会  “主啊,你所造的万民都要来敬拜你。”诗篇86:9

No peace without the Prince of Peace !  It is about time to inquire for "the Peace of Jerusalem." 

Who are we ?  

Founded in 1989, Kehilat Ha Maayan is a local Messianic congregation comprised of mostly Jewish and also Gentile born-again believers in Yeshua (the Hebrew name of Jesus), the Son of God, Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world.
Ha Maayan is a non-denominational congregation. We meet for worship of the Living God in spirit and in truth, studying and proclaiming the Word of God and serving one another through practical deeds and spiritual gifts.

Our purpose is to give Glory to our Heavenly Father by serving Him and our fellow men, proclaiming the good news of salvation to Israel and its Arab neighbours and by desiring to follow in the footsteps of His Son, Messiah Yeshua, King of the Jews. Scripture basis and motto of our ministry : Isaiah 61:1-3

Where are we located?

The city of Kfar Sava is located 25 Km north east of Tel Aviv and just 2 km to the Palestinian city of Kalkiliah, at the foothill of Samaria . Located in the Sharon Valley , easily accessable by train, buses, road 6 and 4 . We are located in the east side fo the industrial area , close to the soccer field and the G. mall.

. You are most welcome to visit us . Our main worship service is held on Shabbat (Saturday) at 11:00 am.

Language is Hebrew. Gatherings in English are held on saturday evening. Spanish services saturday afternoon..

We provide earphone translation in Russian and English, French and Spanish and more languages if needed

pomagrante.jpg - 9.05 Kb " Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness...  ." 




“所以,你们必从救恩的泉源欢然取水。” 以赛亚书12:3


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